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Finding Steve

Finding Steve was commissioned by Denver Digerati and Denver Night Lights for projection on the Daniels Fisher Clock Tower in Denver, Co for Women's History month. The film is 60 seconds of stop motion made with hand printed cyanotype. 


Artist Statement

Have a career, make lots of money, find a husband, have lots of hobbies, buy lots of things, have children, and you will be happy… or so we are told. There is a point in life where the chase is over, the thing has been accomplished and we look at it only to find it never made us happy. We get stuck in loops of dissatisfaction chasing other people’s dreams, pretending our needs are all the same.

“Finding Steve” seeks to confront the stigma around disregarding one of these societal norms, dating.  Begging the question is dating worth the hassle?  It is seen as cynical or as giving up instead of a recognition of ineffectiveness. “Finding Steve” is what we are told is unhappiness, what we don’t want, pathetic. However, as we strive to find happiness and satisfaction in our lives we may find that listening to our own needs is more important than allowing the rest of the world to dictate them.

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